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StretchSkin Technologies’ highly comfortable and sensitive wearables are based on the stretchable electronics technology. The stretchable electronics are deformable into curvilinear shape to enable functionalities that were impossible to achieve by traditional hard and rigid electronics. The core properties of stretchable electronics facilitate the development of wearables which are pervasive and unobtrusive for health monitoring and active gaming. Other verticals such as wellness and sports could similarly access the benefits of stretchable electronics through smart clothing. The application are endless. 

StretchSkin Technologies’ design takes on a hybrid combination of soft functional materials, compliant membranes, sensors and integrated functional chip components to achieve mechanical reliability and sensitivity along with high flexibility and stretchability attributes.

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StretchSkin’s gaming wearables mimic the standard gaming consoles which are currently available in the market but with a new experience. Players can control games by moving their fingers or through hand gestures. The wearables are comfortable and facilitates active gaming where players move their limbs to play the games. A great way to keep fit while having fun.
StretchSkin’s rehab patch wearables provide the tools for healthcare providers to keep track of patients’ progress be it in a clinical setting or at home. The rehab patch is self-adhesive and does not require ionic conducting gel to increase its sensitivity. Limb flexibility of joints and muscles, rehab duration is some of the data points which is captured through the stretchable electronic sensors.
Smart Clothing
StretchSkin’s sensors forms the basis of the smart clothing which is used in various applications. The smart clothing captures the users’ movements which can be translated into readable data to assess for instance, sports related performances. The smart clothing could be used by animators to capture an actor’s movement and translate it into a complete animation by combining with specific art work. StretchSkin’s wearables would fit the needs of many individuals who are into wellness. The wearables are able to track individuals’ performance during physical activities such as walking, running, gym training, yoga among others.
StretchSkin’s sensor technology can be used by educators to illustrate science-related subjects such as force, pressure, motion, temperature among others in a creative way. Students could be immersed into specific subjects by using the sensors to experiment and understand real-time results.


September 2019

StretchSkin Technologies is now the offical Technolgy Partner of International – Singapore Intergenerational Games (I-SING) 2020.

28 September 2019

Stretchskin has been succesfully graduated from Y-Combinator (USA)  Startup School.

5 June 2019

StretchSkin Technologies demonstrated its active gaming and rehabilitation solutions to Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Heng Swee Keat & Minister for Communications and Information, Mr. S Iswaran at PIXELStudios, IMDA Singapore

23 March 2019

tretchSkin Technologies demonstrated its active gaming platform and data glove with game control & analytics at MPA AGM, Vistana Hotel, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).

Photo: StretchSkin Co-Founder, Ariffin Kawaja (Right) with Dr. Dzulkefly Ahmad (Left), Minister of Health (Malaysia).

20 November 2018
StretchSkin Technologies Pte Ltd is now incubated at IMDA, PIXEL Studios.

25 October 2018
StretchSkin Technologies Pte Ltd had received MDT grant support from NTUitive Venture, Nanyang Technological University Singapore.

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